The IOC President said that various scenarios are being considered for the Olympic games in 2020

Президент МОК заявил, что рассматриваются разные сценарии проведения Олимпиады-2020

Thomas Bach

President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach has commented on the potential transfer of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo due to pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.

The IOC still refuses to carry the summer Olympics, but monitors the current situation.

While Bach said that the health of athletes remains a top priority of the organization.

“The abolition of competition is not considered. We are committed to the success of the upcoming Olympics.

We don’t know what will be the situation. Of course, we consider different scenarios of development of events, but differ from other sports organizations that have four and a half months before the start of the Olympics.

What makes this crisis unique and difficult to overcome is uncertainty. No one can say how the situation will develop tomorrow, or next month, not to mention four months,” Bach was quoted by Reuters.

The head of the IOC noted that the final decision on the Games will not be determined by financial interests.

“Thanks to our insurance policies, the IOC in any case, will continue to operate and fulfill its mission. 206 national Olympic committees and international sport federations believe that the world is in a very difficult position and needs a symbol of hope. We would like to Olympic flame was light at the end of the tunnel,” said the IOC President.

We will remind, today the Olympic flame in Tokyo in 2020 has arrived in Japan.