The IRS has created a rating unprofitable for large businesses


For the first half of 2019, a quarter of companies that are registered in the records of the Office of large taxpayers, were unprofitable. This was reported in the State fiscal service.

Налоговая создала антирейтинг убыточных компаний крупного бизнеса

“For six months 2019 398 of the companies Office of large taxpayers, and it is 26.6% of the total number of payers of income tax, – are in a state of loss. The losses declared by them, reach 705,2 billion. Of them 389,4 billion or 55.2% of all losses in the Office – account for banking sector”, — stated in the message.

In addition, the largest losses were registered by enterprises in the following sectors:

  • the chemical industry was 72.4 billion UAH;
  • metallurgy — 35.5 billion UAH;
  • wholesale — 25.4 billion UAH;
  • information and telecommunication industry is a 23 billion UAH.

Also, the SFS has called the TOP 5 companies from different industries that suffered the greatest losses of the total losses of enterprises for six months, not counting the banking sector:

  1. PrJSC “Severodonetsk Association “Azot”” — 9%.
  2. OOO “Karpatneftekhim” — 5,4%.
  3. OOO “Lifecell” — 4,5%.
  4. Prat “Rovnoazot” — 4,4%.
  5. OJSC “Dnipro metallurgical plant” was 4.2%.

“A significant number of companies does not only demonstrate losses of tens of billions of hryvnia, but their persistently increases, while continuing to work actively to produce, sell, provide services, etc.” — reported in the GFS.

The greatest growth losses:

  • Prat “Rosava” for three years, the company increased its loss factor to 1100%;
  • OOO “Auchan Ukraine Hypermarket”, and increased the loss ratio by 280%;
  • KP “Kharkiv heating networks” — increased the loss ratio at 226%;
  • LLC “Trimob” — increased the loss ratio 60%;
  • OJSC “Dnipro metallurgical plant” — for three years increased the loss ratio by 53%;
  • JSC “DTEK Zakhidenergo” — increased the loss ratio to 46%;
  • Prat “ZTR” — have increased over the three years the loss ratio is 16%.

“In General, systematically from year to year declare the negative value of object of taxation 212 large taxpayers Office (excluding the banking sector) with the amount of losses of 300 billion UAH”, — added in Department.