The Israeli Embassy was closed due to the strike around the world, including in Russia (PHOTO)

Посольства Израиля закрылись из-за забастовки по всему миру, в том числе и в России (ФОТО)

Embassy of Israel in Russia and around the world has announced from October 30 strike in protest against the decision of the Ministry of Finance to change the terms of financing their work. This was announced by the Embassy of Israel in Moscow, Kiev, Toronto and Paris.

During the strike the access of visitors in the mission of Israel abroad will be suspended, services to be will be.

The Embassy closed until further notice. Diplomats say that they had no choice. They Express the hope that the crisis will be resolved soon, reports “Interfax”.

“In connection with the decision of the Ministry of Finance of Israel to make unilateral changes to agreements and the financing arrangements that existed for several decades and were agreed and signed by the Director General of the Ministry of Finance on 21 July 2019, we are forced to close diplomatic representation from 30 October until further notice”, – stated in the notice of the St. Petersburg Consulate General.

In addition, in connection with the strike also closed the checkpoints on the borders with the West Bank and the Gaza strip, writes the Jerusalem Post.

The Finance Ministry has decided to introduce back-dated to January 2019 tax on payments to diplomats in hospitality, says the publication. Diplomats will require documentary evidence that these funds were spent purposefully. If they are not able to present the necessary receipts, these funds will be treated as an increase to their salary and be taxed.

The decision to strike was taken by the committees of the ministries of foreign Affairs and of defence of Israel, which stated that the increase in the tax on diplomats interfere with their work around the world.

As recalled by TASS, in March 2014 also closed all diplomatic missions of Israel, including embassies, consulates and missions to international organizations, as well as the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Jerusalem. Israeli diplomats have for several years sought by the government and the Ministry of Finance improvement of conditions of remuneration. In August of 2018 was held on the strike of support staff at the embassies of Israel around the world.