The Japanese company will allow employees to work up to 80 years

Японская компания разрешит сотрудникам работать до 80 лет

In Japan plan to allow to operate to 80 years

Due to the aging population Japanese companies are trying to solve the problem of shortage of workers.

Japanese Corporation Nojima, who runs a chain of shops selling electronics, will permit employees to work up to 80 years. So the company hopes to prevent labour shortages in the future. About it, on Sunday, July 26, according to Bloomberg.

It is reported that the opportunity to work up to 80 years will be those who want to. Those who decide to stay at work after age 65 will be offered annually to renew employment contracts.

“The right to extend the contract of employment have all 3000 employees of the company from Yokohama, including sellers in stores,” the article says.

The company believes that this step will help it to last longer use the knowledge and experience of the older staff, as well as to avoid the problem of staff shortage.

It is known that the population Yaponiyada semisterile-in 2006 Japaneseamerica country in the world whose Transline aged 65 and over exceeded 20%.

Earlier it was reported that the unemployment rate in Japan for may rose 0.3% compared with the previous month, to 2.9% of the working population.