The jeweler is Armenian from new York, suspected fraud, acquitted

In October last year, a jeweler from Manhattan Ashot Logian was suspected of stealing diamond jewellery worth about $ 1 million. Today it became known that Laguna cleared of all charges: the case is dismissed and all legal records, including any arrest record, was revoked.

Ювелир-армянин из Нью-Йорка, подозреваемый в мошенничестве, признан невиновным


Ashot Logian — CEO of Jado Jewelers in new York that supports the jewelry brands throughout the country. He was accused of stealing a white diamond weighing a 10.6-carat oval yellow diamond weighing 4.2 carats, both mounted in platinum ring. The case on suspicion of theft has negatively affected the reputation of the businessman and jeweler.

According to the documents of the Supreme court of the state of new York and the statement of the law firm Fox Rothschild, representing the interests of Lahiana, prosecutors dropped all charges, confirming that the jeweler has nothing to do with the theft of two diamond rings worth about $ 1 million.

Ювелир-армянин из Нью-Йорка, подозреваемый в мошенничестве, признан невиновным

Photo: official court documents

Lawyers defending Logina, failed to provide the Prosecutor’s office in Manhattan is compelling evidence that goldsmith was stealing the jewels.

“We are very happy for Ashot and his family — said one of the activists, Leonard Budow. Is absolutely correct and really the only possible outcome for anyone who knows all the facts.”

“The real lesson that can be learned from this affair, — added the lawyer Ernest Badway, is that sometimes the conversation with the authorities is the best and most reasonable option. Once the prosecutors learned from our customer about some of the hard facts, they realized that they have no more case against Mr. Laguna”.

Budow noted that the decision of the Manhattan district attorney to dismiss the indictment “is a Testament to the honesty and commitment of this Department of justice”.