The Jonas Brothers have not fulfilled their main songs on stage – the fans of Toronto did it for them (PHOTO)


Jonas Brothers не исполнили свои главные песни на сцене – фанаты из Торонто сделали это за них (ФОТО)

Trio the Jonas Brothers perform in Toronto on 23 and 24 August at Scotiabank Arena. Fans were hoping yesterday to hear their favorite songs at a concert. However, Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas did not fulfill them, so the fans decided to take matters into their own hands.

The fact that on Friday during a speech, there were some technical problems and the show had to finish early.

The musicians are unable to fulfill Burnin’ Up Sucker, sending the fans home without listening to the most popular songs of the group. But that didn’t stop coming and they began to sing them themselves.

People have to get from the stadium, but even the corpses in the subway, they continued to sing. Video from the stadium, the streets and of the subway was in the social network and received public outcry.

Fans continued to sing in full subway cars. After that, some fans began to gather together and sing on camera favorite songs.

After the concert the musicians themselves posted an apology for not able to sing the last two songs.

However, many fans prior to this message I wrote in social networks that group, apparently something happened, because they sang the last two top songs, the scene never came out (even to say goodbye) and the guards began to drag people into the street.

One of the brothers – Joe Jonas is the husband of the actress Sophie Turner, performer of the role of Sansa stark in the TV series “Game of thrones”.