The jubilee 10th Christmas market in Toronto was opened (PHOTOS)

Юбилейная 10-ая Рождественская ярмарка в Торонто открылась (ФОТО)

Today officially opened the traditional 10th anniversary Christmas fair in Toronto, which promises to be “magic”.

It is located in the city’s Distillery Historic District, a Christmas theme Park. In this market there are several suppliers of food products and artisans in addition to the Ferris wheel and over 50-foot Christmas tree donated by Forests Ontario.

During the festival visitors will sing Christmas songs, and opening night will be “special guest”.

This year it was decided that the fair will cost a bit more than before. Online ticket will cost $8 and ticket purchase at the box office will cost $12. Last year the admission prices at the weekend were $6.

Despite this, in the first two weeks in the “opening weekend” the fair will allow you to bring 10 cans for the food Bank in exchange for free admission.

Part of the cost of the ticket will also be donated to charitable organizations such as Daily Bread Food Bank, Plan Canada, the Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund and Yonge Street Mission.

On opening night it is expected 5,000 to 10,000 people at the fair. In a typical output for the entire day is expected around 30,000 visitors.

This year we are promised that last year’s problems with the Parking and transportation has been fixed.

The Christmas market runs until December 22.