The judge gave a top-4 simple tips how to escape from autumn depression

Autumn is not just a transitional time, a period of depression. But seasonal depression can be easily avoided if properly organized diet and regimen of the day. How to do it told on the page in Instagram dietitian-nutritionist Laura Filippov, which dispelled myths about famous bezglyuchnoy diet.

Эксперт дала топ-4 простых совета, как спастись от осенней депрессии

According to her, a strong immune system will help to cope with autumn melancholy, because she is “responsible” for resistance to stress.

Top 5 advice on how to avoid autumn depression:

  • Eat full. The body must receive all necessary PFC, vitamins and minerals. Eat food rich in fiber and fermented foods. Whole grains, vegetables, legumes, sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt. It promotes the health of intestinal microflora, which depends on the immune system.
  • Maintain the health of the brain and nervous system sufficient amounts of omega 3. Fatty fish recommended by the Ministry of health to drink no less than 2 times a week. And whole grains — source of vitamins of group B.
  • Healthy sleep is an important component! In deep sleep there is a “repair” of all systems and organs of our body.
  • Exercise! Endorphins are guaranteed, and a pledge of good mood.

The expert also recalled the importance of a complete and balanced seasonal diet and gave a few tips on its proper organization.

She said that healthy food as simple, natural, seasonal and varied:

  • No need to invent complicated recipes, you can simply combine different products in one meal! For example, one side dish can be vegetables and fresh and grilled, and pickled.
  • Don’t forget the greens — add it everywhere! And remember that greens and vegetables are not interchangeable.
  • Frozen vegetables are in season is a great option. Do not bypass their attention.
  • Remember that a balanced diet is when every meal you have in the plate in the balance of proteins and fats, and carbohydrates.