The killer of two teachers hunted down in France and Spain

The killer of two teachers hunted down in France and Spain


An appeal for witnesses, with the photo of the man “suspected of being the perpetrator”, was broadcast on Friday by the French gendarmerie after the murder of two teachers in the Hautes-Pyrénées (south-west of France).

Cédric Tauleygne, 34, is suspected of having killed Gabriel Fourmigué and Aurélie Pardon, of whom he is the husband, on Monday in Pouyastruc, near Tarbes, about a hundred kilometers from the Spanish border.

French investigators have set up a hotline to collect testimonies “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”.

The man, described as of European type, athletic, with glasses and shaved hair, measuring 1.75 m, is on the run and still actively wanted, in France and Spain.

This worker from a factory in the South-West manufacturing helicopter engines was wearing blue jeans and a dark leather jacket at the time of the incident, the French gendarmes indicated in their appeal for witnesses.

His motorcycle had been found Wednesday in Jaca, in Aragon, on the Spanish side of the border, the prosecutor of Tarbes, Pierre Aurignac, had then specified, adding that the suspect is a “former reservist, sports shooter”.

On Friday, the Spanish police questioned by AFP, declared to have “nothing new”. Research continues around Jaca, “the device remains active”, according to the same source, without further details.

“There is nothing in the state to favor the hypothesis that the individual is still alive or deceased”, specified in a press release Cécile Gensac, the prosecutor of Pau, where the file was transferred.

Gendarmes also crisscross the land in a large area, around Barbazan-Dessus, the town where the couple who was in the process of divorce resided, as well as in the neighboring departments.

“We still have 80 gendarmes , the Hautes-Pyrénées group and the mobile gendarmes as reinforcements, who are in the area, and heavy searches are underway on the other side of the border, ”Colonel Laurent Lachâtre, commander, told AFP on Friday. of the Toulouse SR.

“We are looking for him on both sides”, he underlined. 

Gabriel Fourmigué, 55, and Aurélie Pardon, 32 , were respectively physical education and French teachers at the Desaix college, located in the city center of Tarbes. 

The two teachers, who were shot dead on Monday, had “become closer emotionally in recent years. weeks during a school trip”, indicated the Tarbes prosecutor during a press conference on Tuesday.

An inform Judicial ation, retaining the qualification of “assassinations” was opened and the file transferred to the prosecution of Pau.