The Kremlin continues its aggression in Ukraine. Successive civilians fell victim to the Russians

Russia is stepping up attacks on civilian areas.

Kremlin continues its aggression in Ukraine. More civilians fell victim to the Russians

Officially, the Russian armed forces have suspended their efforts to seize the territory of Ukraine. But in the past few days, accidental attacks on civilian regions have intensified, with attacks using combat aircraft, artillery and missiles.

The strikes terrified, maimed and killed both the inhabitants and the Ukrainian soldiers. Ukrainian officials said yesterday that in the past 24 hours at least eight civilians have died as a result of the Russian strike.

Russia is not giving up?

at least 10 cities and towns were attacked and two people were killed, bringing the number of civilians in the province to nearly 600 since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February.

Although its forces are severely diminished, Russia is not even close to finalizing its attack on Ukraine. Ukrainian and Western analysts believe that in the near future Russian President Vladimir Putin will launch a new offensive to conquer other Ukrainian territories in Donetsk.

To quote: Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the Ukrainian leader, mocked the idea that Russian attacks had stopped. & ldquo; Many talked about the alleged & raquo; operational pause & laquo; in the activities of the occupant & oacute; in the Donbas and other parts of Ukraine & rdquo; & ndash; He said. & ldquo; Thirty-four Russian plane raids & oacute; in the last day is the answer to all who came up with this & raquo; break & laquo; & rdquo ;. Go deeper: after any attack on a civilian target, Russia denies or denies responsibility.

Russian forces desperately need new soldiers. Already, the government is using what some analysts call “secret mobilization” to bring in new recruits without resorting to a politically risky national project. & ldquo; Russia has a problem with recruitment and mobilization & rdquo; & ndash; said Kamil Galejew, an analyst specializing in Russia. & ldquo; It's basically desperate to get more men by any means possible & rdquo ;.

Bottom line: in Czasiv Yar: Already 34 killed and 9 injured. These are the further ridges of the bagatopowerkivka blockades near the city of Chasiv Yar. Among those killed – one child.