The labour leader Corbin promised in case of victory in the parliamentary elections again to submit the question of Brexit in a referendum (PHOTO)

Лидер лейбористов Корбин пообещал в случае победы  на досрочных парламентских выборах  снова вынести вопрос о Brexit  на референдум (ФОТО)

The leader of the opposition UK labour party Jeremy Corbyn promised that in case his party wins the parliamentary elections in December, he will put the issue on the country’s withdrawal from the EU to a national referendum. The politician said, speaking on Sunday on air of BBC, reports TASS.

“We will put this issue to a referendum. Within three months we will agree on credible emerging and together with the option to stay take this to court the British people,” said Corbin.
The leader of the opposition refused to clearly answer the question, what exactly is his position on Brexit if the country is to leave the EU.

“I want to have a close relationship with the EU in the future,” he said, not becoming to clarify, do these close relations continued membership with the EU or not.

With early elections on December 12, Prime Minister and leader of ruling Conservative party Boris Johnson intends to break the impasse process for approval of the transaction on Brexit.

UK were to leave the EU 29 March 2019, that is two years after submitting a written notification of withdrawal from the community.
However, the deputies of the house of Commons three times rejected the draft agreement on the terms Brexit made by Brussels and the government headed by Prime Minister Theresa may.

In the end, the EU agreed to postpone the Brexit first in April or may, and then on 31 October, and may was forced to resign.

Replaced it Johnson insisted that the country should leave the EU on 31 October with a deal or without it, but because of the law passed by Parliament was forced on 19 October to send to the European Council a request for a new delay Brexit until 31 January 2020. The EU has given its London.

The advantage of the conservatives over the labour party, according to the latest public opinion poll, rose to 17 percentage points.