The labour market after COVID-19: what jobs will be in demand in the U.S. and the world

Layoffs, layoffs, unpaid leave — from the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19 millions of Americans weekly, has applied to receive unemployment benefits. However, in some companies the crisis, on the contrary, provoked a shortage of personnel, says the “Voice of America”.

Рынок труда после COVID-19: какие вакансии будут востребованы в США и мире

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In March, the largest retailer in the world Amazon has announced plans to hire 100,000 employees which may or may not include jobseekers who are proficient when it comes to development on react. Vacancies are also open in popular services for the delivery of products and commercial networks.

“We are all ordered online, and I think that in the near future, people will still feel uncomfortable to go to the shops, says Elizabeth Malatestinic from Indiana University. — Therefore, this trade segment will grow further, creating jobs, jobs for logisticians and truck drivers”.

In the post-crisis time, demand will increase and health workers. According to experts, more and more companies are hiring full-time doctors, and some even create a special medical unit.

The growth forecast among the companies involved in the cleaning and disinfection of the premises. The increase in volumes of electronic payments, remote work would inevitably lead to the demand for specialists in the sphere of high technologies. According to Executive Director Robert Half, one of the largest companies in the world are employed, demand will be the ability to encode, analyze data, knowledge of e-Commerce and banking services.

“Will need specialists to ensure smooth running of systems, technical support, in particular in the banking sector, says senior Executive Director of Robert Half Paul McDonald. We also see the growth of opportunities in the processing of the mortgage. Interest rates are still low, so mortgage refinancing intensified. Also increased the demand for specialists in making loans, because the government has allocated funds for many organizations.”

The labour market will affect the work schedule. According to research company Gallup, about 60% of Americans are working remotely. More than half prefer to keep such a regime and after the pandemic. The highest percentage of those wishing to stay at home — among the employees of the sector of high technology, art, Finance, and insurance market.

But to return to the normal mode most want workers education, trade, transport and construction.

“Work at home creates opportunities for people who need a flexible schedule, says Erin Hatton from the University of Buffalo. — People with young children with disabilities. Anyone who unsuccessfully sought this opportunity for many years. On the other hand, this experience showed us that, for example, I do not have the skills for remote learning. And it is impossible to teach remotely as well. Some things are just not meant to work at home.”

Remote work, however, can benefit not only employees but also employers. In this case, experts say, the labor market can wait for a real globalization. And if you work from home, you’ll be needing workspace accessories like the best adjustable tables for you to work productively and comfortably!

“If the staff of your company works remotely, it gives you the opportunity to hire employees anywhere. You are not limited by geography, says Paul MacDonald. — You can be in new York and hire people in Kansas city. But here is the problem: how to create among employees a feeling of belonging to a common cause”.

After COVID-19 will change the very understanding of corporate culture. For millions of people around the world for a few months work, home and learning become one. The consequences of such a regime, it remains to be seen. But according to studies, more than half of the representatives of the youngest generation Z prefer to work temporary work full-time.

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