The lack of fiber in the diet may be the cause of excess weight

Inflammatory processes in the intestine that occurs because of a lack of soluble fiber in the diet can lead to weight gain. Conclusion this was made by scientists from the University of Georgia (USA).

Недостаток клетчатки в рационе может быть причиной лишнего веса

Fiber is soluble and insoluble: soluble is the Foundation of plant cells, and insoluble – their shell. American researchers claim that the lack of soluble fiber dangerous in terms of excess weight. Overweight in this case, it may be the consequence of processes caused by adverse changes in the structure of the intestine in connection with a lack of fiber.

Scientists have studied mice, as affects the condition of the intestines, as well as on the state of the body fat mass of different types of food. They differed from each other different content of soluble and insoluble fibers, protein and fatty components.

In the result, it was found that the lack of soluble fiber contributed to the fact that the animals who ate this way had greater fat mass compared to mice in the diet which it is present in sufficient quantity. It turned out that in the conditions of too small quantity of fibre in the diet in rodents has varied in the gut: he was short and had thin walls.

According to scientists, it is insufficient consumption of foods with a high content of soluble fiber modern humans contributes to the obesity epidemic, which is observed today all over the world. People don’t want to eat right amount of fruits and vegetables, and roughage, preferring these products processed convenience food and fast food.
“Lack of soluble fiber in the diet promotes inflammation in the gut and worsening his health, which leads to weight gain”, — concluded scientists.