The lack of vitamins you can recognize the eyes, said the doctors


It is vitamin B12 has a special effect on the eye. When vision began to deteriorate, we urgently need to take this vitamin.

Нехватку витаминов можно распознать по глазам, заявили медики

As told by the specialists, vitamin B12 produces the human body as a result of the digestive process. This so-called product of the activity of the microflora, but it is not absorbed.

Health benefits bring only the cobalamin, which are part of the food. So, the most B12 found in beef and pork liver, chicken hearts and seafood.

Animal origin of this beneficial trace element makes vegetarians and vegans at risk, since a lack of vitamin fraught with neurological disorders, damage to nerve cells and fibers, as well as depression.

To determine a B12 deficiency and replenish the necessary scientists advise to pay attention to the eyes.

If you are starting to see the bad, you have affected the optic nerve, and you can see the yellowing of protein and “twitching” eyelid – this is the first evidence that VA needed products. to produce vitamin B12.