The largest airline of Ukraine refuses to pay compensation to the passengers

In 2019 “Ukraine International airlines” (UIA) too often dismissed valid claims of passengers for delay or cancellation of flights.

Крупнейшая авиакомпания Украины отказывается выплачивать компенсации пассажирам

It is reported UBR.

According to the study, the company AirHelp, the carrier refused to pay financial compensation in 48.3% of cases.

The report says that airlines reject claims for fair compensation as a tactical ploy.

Champions on the bounce in 2019 when the first treatment began Tunisair, Vueling Airline and Ernest – all of 99.9 %.

According to the Regulations of the European Union No. 261, in the case of a flight cancellation more than three hours delay or denied boarding a passenger has the right to financial compensation. Its size is up to 600 euros per person, if the circumstances under which the flight was disrupted, depending on the airline.

Compensation is due to a problem with flights departing from an airport within the EU (regardless of the country of the airline). Or flights that are heading to the airport on the territory of the European Union and implemented by the airline from the EU.