The largest exercises of the emergency services will be held at the weekend at Union Station (PHOTO)

Крупнейшие учения экстренных служб пройдут на выходных на Union Station (ФОТО)

Metrolinx has scheduled the largest exercises of the emergency services ever held at Union Station this weekend.

The exercise will involve police, Toronto fire service, ambulance and city hall, they will begin later on Saturday evening and will last until Sunday morning.

This simulation was planned for months, there were 150 actors, professional makeup, artificial smoke and the platform.

“Safety is the main objective of our work at Metrolinx, and it is important to regularly test the readiness of emergency services to ensure that our employees and those who first answer the call, were ready for any emergency at Union Station,” said Vice-President of Metrolinx George bell.

According to the transportation Agency buses and trains GO Transit, UP Express, VIA Rail and TTC services will operate on its regular schedule.

However, during exercise, people can watch volunteers pretending to be badly affected, the emergency services are operating according to the Protocol and a lot of transport to different urban services.

Metrolinx is asking people not to call 911 to find out what’s happening at the station.

“If it so happens that in that moment there is a real emergency, the exercise will be immediately cancelled, and services redirected,” said the Agency.

Some pedestrian areas around the station will be closed, and pedestrians will redirect employees around.

Exercises planned for such a time as to cause the least possible inconvenience to transport.