The last Bastion of Putin in Russia, explained why the President is secretly sponsiruet Chechen…


Последний оплот Путина: в РФ объяснили, зачем президент страны тайно спонсорирует чеченский...

In Russia Chechen special forces is not only the last strong Bastion of power of President Vladimir Putin, but his personal army in case of hostilities. This opinion was expressed by a military expert Mikhail Belyaev, writes VladTime.

The publication reports that after the disbandment of the first special forces battalion “Vostok” head of the Chechen Republic seriously approached the preparation of his own army.

For the training of fighters in 2013 was even invited officers of the special forces “alpha” of the tssn FSB. At the moment the number of Chechen special forces reached 13 thousand people, as well as about 14 thousand former terrorists unofficially part of the special forces.

All it takes a lot of money — just for the military and military special forces of the Chechen Republic leaves around 11 billion a year, according to the newspaper “Vzglyad”.

The formation of a “Chechen army” was a necessary step to secure the government of Vladimir Putin. Almost 30-thousand army ready to obey at any time the leader of Chechnya, and therefore the President of the country.

In addition to the protection of the chair, the Chechens have repeatedly been seen in the territory of hostilities in Ukraine and the Middle East as part of the illegal private military companies. PMCs represent the interests of the Kremlin abroad, as noted by the President but are not part of the Russian army, so Russia is not responsible for the methods of their struggle. In addition, part of the secret funding allocated to the subject, easily bounces due to military contracts.

Thus, the absolute power of Putin, according to experts, rests on the shoulders of fighters of the Chechen special forces. In case of withdrawal of the President from power and end the subsidies to the Republic for thousands of special forces will save a war that will be their personal donor.

As previously reported “FACTS”, escaped to Ukraine ex-PR Director of the mobile operator “MegaFon” Maxim Motin is confident that Vladimir Putin is the only one with rating, and its possible departure from office will lead to a massive upheaval in society.

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