The latest entry by Ivan Komarenko caused a storm on the web. What happened

Ivan Komarenko advertises Russian Cola.

The latest entry by Ivan Komarenko caused a storm on the web. What happened

As the Pomponik portal reminds us, Ivan Komarenko is one of those celebrities who evoke great emotions. Komarenko not only has a large group of sympathizers, but also opponents, who point out to him, among others, that he did not condemn Russia for attacking Ukraine. Currently, the performer of the hit “Black Eyes” has returned to his native Russia at the time when a military mobilization was announced there. You can see Komarenko is not afraid of going to the front and is currently enjoying rest with his loved ones.

Ivan Komarenko has returned to Russia

Ivan Komarenko, who comes from Russia, has been trying his hand at the Polish music scene for many years. Apart from the song “Black Eyes”, which enjoyed great triumphs, it is rather difficult to find hits and major achievements in his output. Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Komarenko became one of the faces of the anti-vaccination movement, which made him famous again.

It “shone” once again after Russia's attack on Ukraine. Many expected him to take an unequivocal stance on Putin's actions. However, he collapsed underground, disappearing from social media for a long time.

” Fans can be calm “

Many fans of Komarenko were disturbed by the silence of the star. They even wondered if Ivan had not been drafted into the army, eventually the Russian authorities decided to mobilize partially. It turns out that Komarenko did not receive the summons to the army and he can afford to be entertained.

Komarenko went with his family over the weekend to the Voronezh Entertainment Center. In the photo we can see that the singer is holding “Good Cola” in his hand, which, as he writes himself, is “the equivalent of Coca Cola, which has been causing a lot of sensation in the West lately”. He added that although he is not a fan of the drink, he was tempted to propose a new brand.

“Faithful fans of the caramel and caffeinated orangeade can be calm, the taste has remained the same” – said the performer of the song “Black Eyes”. The post was full of comments, many of which were in the tone of a request that he should stay in his homeland.

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