The latest photo of Joanna Koroniewska worried her fans. “I will probably stop talking”

What is wrong with Joanna Koroniewska?

The latest photo of Joanna Koroniewska worried her fan.

According to the “Super Express” portal, Joanna Koroniewska posted a disturbing photo on social media. It shows an actress with a bandage around her neck. Although in these circumstances the wives of Maciej Dowbor adhered to jokes, the situation seems to be very serious. An actress may even lose her voice!

Joanna Koroniewska may lose her voice!

It is no secret to anyone that Joanna Koroniewska likes to joke, not avoiding mocking herself. It turns out that her sense of humor does not leave her even when it comes to her health. On social media, the actress posted a photo where we see her with a bandage around her neck, to which she added a witty comment.

“So what to improve at the beginning ?! Nose, breasts or maybe lips? No, this is not a diet that changes features, nor is it a preparation for a flight into space, although the flight is more attractive to me than plastic surgery! ” – Koroniewska wrote.

The rest of the entry, however, was not so humorous. It turns out that Joanna Koroniewska is in danger of losing her voice. She also decided to ask her supporters for advice. She asked them if she should stop shouting at her husband Maciej Dowbor, which she immediately pointed out, would not be easy, or could she “work on her croaky, sensual alt”.

Currently, the actress is undergoing physiotherapy treatments, which to help her keep her voice. A procedure called iontophoresis, in which calcium chloride is used, is used, among others, in for the larynx and most likely this is the type of procedure we are dealing with in the case of an actress.

Joanna Koroniewska recover quickly so that more radical measures are not necessary.