The latest prophecy of Krzysztof Jackowski makes a hair on his head. Important dates have fallen

What did Krzysztof Jackowski see in his latest vision?

The latest prophecy of Krzysztof Jackowski makes a hair on his head. Important dates have been fired

According to the portal “Interia”, Krzysztof Jackowski shared with his supporters another vision of what is to happen soon. Nietety and this time, the clairvoyant from Człuchów did not have particularly good news for us. There were specific dates in his report. What and when can we expect?

Krzysztof Jackowski's latest vision is not optimistic

Krzysztof Jackowski regularly shares with his supporters visions of the future. In broadcasts via YouTube, he reveals what the future may hold. Unfortunately, what is said rarely has a positive character. The most recent prophecy is also filled with pessimism. What is it about?

In his latest vision, he was supposed to see a politician about to be canceled or to openly oppose most countries in the world. “It reminds me of Turkey. So either Turkey will somehow oppose in the NATO camp or start playing the opposite policy in the NATO camp” – said Jackowski.

 The latest prophecy of Krzysztof Jackowski makes a hairline on his head. Important dates have fallen

The army on the streets

According to the clairvoyant from Człuchów, it is possible to expect an army to appear on the streets of many countries to keep order. He reassures that it will not be a result of the outbreak of war, but “the world will be on the alert”. In his opinion, there is a threat that we will not see.

In his opinion, this threat should go “through the air”. We are to be directed to underground shelters. At the same time, he stated that although the threat will be mentioned all the time, it will not be something real – “it will not be a fact”.

He added that no one will be able to say what is really threatening us, although everyone will talk about this threat. He noted that the threat may also come from the water, or the water may suffer from this mysterious threat. Paradoxically, he adds that this threat is to be “propaganda”, not real.

According to Jackowski, this situation is to last until 2027-28.

What do you think about Krzysztof Jackowski's newest vision?