The “LC” laugh funny fake about the new group “Ukrainian punitive”

В «ЛНР» насмешили курьезным фейком о новом отряде «украинских карателей»

The astronomical clock or the so-called “LNR” again gave a fabulous fake about Ukraine and Armed forces of our country. An epic tale brought to the masses a veteran of the ATO and the officer of the Ukrainian armed forces Anatoly Stefan ridiculous.

He has published on his page in the social network message of the so-called “Republican journalists”, claiming that to Donbass there arrived 300 military fighters of the battalion “SS Galicia”.

В «ЛНР» насмешили курьезным фейком о новом отряде «украинских карателей»

They even pointed out specific places, where they arrived imaginary military – the Village Lugansk. Such news has published a public “news Novorossia”. They even decided to attract attention and reinforce the text a picture of the stripes on the sleeve of his coat, the coat of arms of the city. Of course, there were no insignia of Nazi Germany.

“Stirlitz” decided to add fuel to the fire and sneer about it. He wrote that confirms that the way it really is, and then added, laughing tears welled up in my eyes.