The leader of the group “TIK” lost 30 pounds

The leader of the band TIK Viktor broniuk told that he had to give up to lose weight.

Лидер группы «ТІК» похудел на 30 килограммов

According to the musician, in 2010-m to year, when his son was born, he weighed under 120 pounds.

“To work out a concert of 2 hours, plus accordion, which weighs 12.5 kg, hang themselves, jump right in. I realized that I was starting to get tired quickly,” admitted Viktor bronyuk.

Then the musician first took in my appearance, to be healthy. Now three times a week with his wife goes to the gym. However, a special diet do not adhere.

“When people ask me how is my diet, I say relocate – try to eat less. Eat what you want, but a little less,” – said the artist.

Through this approach, and also full refusal of alcohol, Viktor managed to lose about 30 pounds.