The leader of the labour party Jeremy Corbyn has promised to hold a new referendum on Brexit six months after coming to power (PHOTOS)

Лидер лейбористов Джереми Корбин пообещал провести новый референдум по Brexit через полгода после прихода к власти (ФОТО)

The leader of the opposition of the British labour party Jeremy Corbyn promised to hold a second referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the EU if his party will come to power. Addressing the participants of the Congress of the labour party in Brighton, he promised that the referendum will be held within six months after his party will form the government. The policy statement leads TASS.

“The labour party will put an end to the crisis over Brexit, giving people the right to decide whether to leave on good terms or staying [in the EU]. After three and a half years, during which conservatives have suffered setbacks and divided country, the only way to solve a question and to unite people is to take away the right to decide for the politicians and provide a choice to the people, said Corbin. – Within three months after coming to power, the labor government will achieve from EU of the transaction on reasonable terms, which we have repeatedly called the EU, trade unions and business: the new customs Union, close relations in the framework of the single market and guarantees for the protection of rights. Within six months after coming to power we will put the deal to a vote, while the second answer will be “to stay” [in the EU]”.

Corbin promised that the government will fulfill the people’s will and urged Britons to support in the upcoming elections in the near future the only major party that is in favour of a new referendum. He also repeatedly urged the government of conservatives Boris Johnson to resign after the country’s Supreme court invalidated its decision temporarily to suspend work of Parliament, reports Sky News.

“Tomorrow Parliament will resume and the government will be called upon to answer for what he did. The court found that Johnson brought the country into confusion. Unelected Prime Minister should now resign,” said Corbin, whose words were met with applause and shouts of “Down with Johnson”.

To the resignation of Johnson called on Tuesday the leaders of the “Liberal Democrats” and the Scottish national party. That the Prime Minister should leave his post, said broadcasting Corporation BBC on condition of anonymity, one of the members of the government Johnson. Reuters sources in the Prime Minister’s office in Downing street, 10 stated that the resignation of the Prime Minister is not going to.

Johnson himself the question about his next steps, he told reporters in new York that the country “must be followed by parliamentary elections,” and his government will continue to strive to ensure that the Kingdom left the EU no later than 31 October.

Earlier Tuesday, the 11 judges of the Supreme court declared illegal the decision of Johnson to suspend the Parliament for five weeks instead of one. The court actually ruled in favor of the opposition parties, who immediately saw the Prime Minister’s decision to send parliamentarians to the holidays not that other, as attempt to remove them from the definition of stroke Brexit.