The leadership of real Madrid and La Liga invited the club from Wuhan for tomorrow’s match against Barcelona

Руководство "Реала" и Ла Лиги пригласило клуб из Уханя на завтрашний матч с "Барселоной"

“Santiago Bernabeu”

Real Madrid together with La Liga in solidarity with the Chinese club “Wuhan of Jaar”, which is based in the city-the outbreak of coronavirus, invited the players of the team for the upcoming “El Clasico”, according to AS.

The Chinese team is in Europe since the end of December. In Spain “Wuhan jour of” preparing for the new super League season.

However, after the beginning of the outbreak, the players and the team decided not to return to China.

It is noted that “Wuhan of Jour” the full squad has been invited to attend the match of the 26th round of the championship of Spain “real” – “Barcelona” will be held tomorrow at the “Santiago Bernabeu”.