The legal debate between the Gabriels and Mike Ward continues

Legal debate between the Gabriels and Mike Ward continues


Jérémy Gabriel's mother was unsuccessful in court a month ago and announced through her lawyer that she intended to appeal the case, which has a direct impact on another lawsuit , that of Jérémy who is claiming $288,000 in damages from Mike Ward.  

It seems that the saga between Jérémy Gabriel and comedian Mike Ward is far from over. 

Wednesday morning, the parties were before the Superior Court in connection with the lawsuit for damages of $288,000 brought by Jérémy Gabriel against the comedian.  

A month ago, Jérémy's mother, Sylvie Gabriel, was dismissed by judge Manon Gaudreault who was claiming damages of $84,600 to Ward judging that the deadlines had expired.

Except that the lawyer for the Gabriel family, Me Stéphane Harvey, announced Wednesday morning that he was going to bring the decision against Sylvie Gabriel before the Court of Appeal, arguing that the limitation period had not expired as it did. estimated Judge Gaudreault. 

Me Harvey has indicated that his notice of appeal will be filed no later than July 6.  

Consequently, the parties agreed that they would wait for the decision of the Court of Appeal in the Ms. Gabriel case before discussing the Jérémy case and his claim for $288,000 since it is essentially the same plot. factual.  

Thus, if the Court of Appeal confirms the decision of Judge Manon Gaudreault, “it will also put an end to Jérémy Gabriel's case”, confirms Me Harvey. < /p>

Conversely, if the Court of Appeal agrees with the Gabriel clan, Mike Ward's lawyer, Me Julius Gray, has already raised the possibility of returning to the highest court in the country for a second time in the case.  


Recall that this saga dates back more than 10 years when the comedian made a joke about “little Jérémy” suffering from Treacher Collins syndrome.

In 2016, the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal ruled in favor of Jérémy Gabriel and his mother who were to receive $42,000 in moral and punitive damages from Ward .  

The Court of Appeal upheld the decision in the case of Jérémy, who was to receive $35,000, while canceling the sum of $7,000 that the mother was to receive.  

It is in Supreme Court that Mike Ward scored a final victory when judges ruled five to four that the Gabriel clan had chosen the wrong vehicle, the Human Rights Tribunal, to bring their lawsuit when it came to a case of defamation and not of discrimination.  

It is on the basis of this decision of the highest court in the country that Sylvie Gabriel brought a lawsuit in defamation of $84,600 in Court of Quebec while his son filed a larger lawsuit of $288,000 which ended up in Superior Court.     

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