The legend of “Milan” said as struggled with the coronavirus

Легенда "Милана" рассказал, как боролся с коронавирусом

Paolo and Daniel Maldini

Legendary extreme defender of “Milan” Paolo Maldini, currently holds the post of technical Director of the club, spoke about the symptoms of coronavirus.

According to 51-year-old former footballer, who has previously contracted the virus COVID-19, it’s not like the flu.

“Now I feel fine but still have the cough – Maldini was quoted by Corriere della Sport. – I ceased to feel taste and smell. This is completely different from the flu.

I know my body. The athlete knows himself. Pain is felt especially strongly. Feel like pressure in my chest. This is a new virus. Fighting an enemy we do not know.

The first symptoms I felt on March 5. I had pain in the joints and muscles. Fever temperature of 38.5. Medication? Only “tachipirina” (similar to paracetamol). I have not taken antivirals because I had no breathing problems.

I already knew that infected with this virus. I felt that this is no ordinary flu. Then I was given a flu vaccine. Of course, there are already starting to worry.

My friend had problems breathing and was admitted to hospital in Legnano, not asleep, he dreams. I have a disease passed better. Nevertheless, I spent 18 days with my family,” said Maldini senior.

Recall that the coronavirus also picked up his youngest son, Daniel, plays for a youth team of Milan.

“Daniel lived with us. He also has pain and fever. But he is young. He has the disease is easier. My wife and oldest son Christian also took the test for the coronavirus, and they gave negative results. But we believe that they too suffered the disease, because in February, both very seriously ill with influenza. Just now, they have no coronavirus” – concluded Paolo.