The legendary Ferrari F40 with a run of 311 kilometers for sale

Легендарная Ferrari F40 с пробегом 311 километров выставлена на продажу

Appeared in the sale of the legendary Ferrari F40 with a run of just 311 miles. Now the car is part of the collection Elkhart Collection, owned by businessman Najib Khan.

Model Testarossa at the time was considered one of the most recognizable cars of the company. Ferrari have made a focus on red, which for brand brand.

In 2019, the same vehicle was offered for auction by RM Sotheby’s. Then the owner sold the model 1991. Now on the secondary market, a variation of 1984, which was issued in the amount of only 5 copies.

The main feature of the Ferrari F40 is the first water-cooling system, working not only in motor but also in the cabin. Designing the interior of the car was doing Atelier Berlinetta Boxer, which took into account the need for piping under the seats closer to the rear axle.

Also the Testarossa for the first time received the hidden air ducts, which significantly increased aerodynamics. Under the hood of the model is the power unit 4.9 liters with a power of 390 horsepower.

With him mounted mechanical gearbox to a 5-speed. The car’s top speed is stated at around 290 kilometers per hour. With a mass of 1.5 tons, the car consistently behaves on the road even when riding at maximum speed.