The legendary Shevchenko’s goal against the Russian team celebrated its 20th anniversary (video)

Легендарному голу Шевченко в ворота сборной России исполнилось 20 лет (видео)

Andriy Shevchenko

The national team of Ukraine in the framework of UEFA Euro 2000 went to Moscow for the final match against Russia.

Hands before this fight he was dashing.

In case of victory, our opponents were in first place in group 4, which guaranteed a direct hit at Euro 2000.

In this case, France at best could only occupy the second place and the right to play butt matches for an exit to the Euro.

In the 75th minute goal was Valery Karpin put the hosts ahead and, it seemed, everything goes according to script wards Oleg Romantseva.

However in our team there was one warrior who changed the course of events.

2 minutes before the final whistle Andriy Shevchenko from the usual penalty to make the event.

Co-author of the episode was the goalkeeper of Russian national team Alexander Filimonov.

Subsequently, the absurdity of the actions of Alexander even named as the “mom syndrome”.

The match ended in a draw, which allowed the wards of Jozsef Szabo to beat the Russians to take second place in the group.

However, in the play-offs for the right to play in the final tournament, the national team of Ukraine lost to Slovenia (1:2, 1:1).