The legislature opens a new session after a long break (PHOTO)

Законодательное собрание открывает новую сессию после длительного перерыва (ФОТО)

Today the Legislative Assembly of Ontario resumes after the break, which was the longest in almost a quarter of a century.

Politicians usually come back for the autumn session in early September, but a five-month break was formed due to the fact that the House of representatives is not in session during the Federal election campaign.

For the conservative government of Premier Doug Ford this means not only a new session, but also a political environment that is fundamentally different from what it was in June, when Queens Park went on vacation.

Spring Ford gave his office a thorough shuffle that became the new starting point for his government, tired of the negative perception of their actions from the public and the media.

The criticism was mainly linked to funding cuts and court litigation in the amount of $ 30 million against the Federal carbon tax, to fight with whom, as stated by the province, the government does not stop.

The tories promise to give a new tone to this session, and the leader of the house of Representatives Gender Calender said that the government wants to move away from party squabbles and regular applause, which was an integral part of the legislative Assembly during the first year of the government.