The leopard decided to punish the rider, who did not give way

Леопард решил проучить мотоциклиста, который не уступил ему дорогу

For the rider and passenger it could be the last trip. Unlike other drivers who waited at a safe distance, the rider ventured to approach the predator.

Video of the incident posted on his Twitter-account officer of the Indian forest service Susanta Nanda, reports

The record shows, like a leopard, quietly sitting on the side of the road, suddenly attacked the impatient motorcyclist passing by. Predator made the jump just a few inches from the driver of the motorcycle and his passenger.

“Everyone waited until the road goes the real owner of these places — the leopard, but the motorcyclist decided to pass. It could be his last trip. Please learn to respect the wild nature”, — wrote in the social network the author of the video.

It is noted that drivers of other cars, stopping at a safe distance, patiently waited for the leopard to cross the street.