The lesson of Iranian women in the West

The lesçon of Iranian women to the West


There is something very moving and very disturbing in the images of these thousands of women who challenge the misogynistic regime of the mullahs in Iran. 

Moving, because we cannot remain indifferent to the extraordinary courage of these women who stand up to one of the most brutal and backward regimes on the planet with, as their only weapons, songs and slogans.

What if the army starts shooting? What will happen to these women and men? How much longer can they last?

But these images are also troubling, because like a mirror, they send us an unflattering reflection of the West.


While Iranian women struggle not to wear the veil, our institutions and our biggest fashion companies are promoting it.

As Iranian women fight to defend their basic rights, we wonder whether to embrace inclusive writing, banish sexy nurse costumes, allow drag queens to read tales in public libraries, prevent men to spread their legs on the subway or allow biological men who “self-identify” as women to compete in women's athletic competitions.

While Iranian women risk their lives to finally be able to express themselves freely, we burn comic books, cancel conferences, censor artists, prevent intellectuals from giving speeches, organize boycott campaigns against plays, let's push competent teachers into early retirement and sing the praises and virtues of censorship!!!

The lesçon of Iranian women to the West

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In short, while Iranian women dream of living in a country like ours, those who present themselves as the “awake guardians of morality” in the West envy the methods of the least democratic countries on the planet!!!

Think about this: while Iranian women are fighting Islamism tooth and nail, Quebec publishers did not want to publish Djemila Benhabib's latest book and some bookstores even refuse to sell it!!!

More absurd, you die…

Besides, we die culturally, and that's why Djemila — with a heavy heart — left Quebec for Europe…


Since everything always brings me back to the cinema, allow me to take a moment to tell you an anecdote that took place at the Cannes Film Festival.

We are in the spring of 1968.

While Paris is on fire and bloodshed, 907 kilometers away, Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut demand the interruption of the Cannes Film Festival “in order to support their comrades who are fighting for the Maoist Revolution”.

Czech filmmaker Milos Forman and Polish director Roman Polanski, both present at the Festival, watch these daddy's boys play living room Bolsheviks while scratching their heads.

“What ? Do you want to enter the communist world? But do you know what awaits you fools? It's hell over there, we dream of getting out!!! »

Well there it is.

It's all there.

3⁄4 of the planet dream of living here.

And we dream of Mao's China.

Go figure…

The lesson of Iranian women in the West