The Liberals want to abolish daycare fees at noon in elementary schools

Liberals want to abolish lunchtime daycare fees in elementary schools


The PLQ wants to abolish lunchtime childcare fees in public elementary schools, with compensation for service centers and school boards. The cost of the measure is estimated at $100 million per year.

This is one of the four measures of the “Portfolio Plan” of training, focused on education. 

It considers that for a family of two children who attend daycare at lunchtime, this measure represents $1,500 less to pay per year.

“Public schools must remain accessible to all,” said leader Dominique Anglade, Thursday morning, on the grounds of an elementary school in Laval.  

A sum of $100 million per year is included in the party's financial framework to support this measure.  

The other commitments of the PLQ in terms of education are: 

  • Free access to a particular educational project in public schools, for example a concentration or a sport-study, up to $5,000; 
  • Make the tutoring program permanent; 
  • < li dir="auto">Implement a tax credit of up to $500 to allow families to cover costs incurred to promote academic success, for example to cover speech therapy or remedial education costs, when these services are not offered to them by the school. 

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