The life of “the birds”: in Russia the janitor jumped on the tree so that it will dropped leaves (funny…

Из жизни "пернатых": в РФ дворник прыгал на дереве, чтобы оно быстрее сбросило листья (забавное...

In Russia the inhabitants of the city of St. Petersburg on the day, watched as the janitor climbed up the tree and shaking its branches so that it will have dropped their leaves. His colleague was down there and collect them with a rake, broadcast “Yandex-news”.

The video, which captured the work of janitors, published in the group on the social network.

Subscribers group video made a strong impression.

Some noted that the way the manual workers show their laziness and helping the trees to shed their leaves not to sweep the area daily. Others did and offered the janitor, “the fluff from dandelions to sabalaceae”.

“I’m not surprised, why in the Frunze district leaves from lawns is collected a bucket on the tractor. Winter is probably the snow will be out of the hose with boiling water to pour to quickly self-destructed, “wrote one of the wearer.

in the village GUAM Ukamenskoe district of the Udmurt Republic was solemnly opened after repairs to a dirt road. However, the local residents had not even noticed the opening of the upgrade of the road. Many are outraged by the quality of the repair — it is noticeable even in the photos from the event on which the repaired road was opened with a loaf, but rubber boots all of the participants were ankle-deep in mud.

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