The lifting of the quarantine in the United States: trump presented a plan of three stages

The proposed head of the White house plan for a return to normal life in the United States is divided into three phases, writes

Отмена карантина в США: Трамп представил план из трех этапов

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The US President Donald trump, as promised, unveiled its plan to lift restrictions caused by the epidemic COVID-19. A document entitled “Opening Up America Again” (discovering America again) published on the official website of the White house. By the way, the slogan of the project was inspired by the campaign slogan of the President “Make America Great Again”.

The plan was developed by trump administration, with the participation of medical experts and announced at the briefing in the White house. Moreover, as stated by the President, the governors of those States where the situation with coronavirus Covid-19 is safe, you can begin a phased resumption of economic activity from today — April 17.

For the lifting of the quarantine will be able to start only States that meet certain requirements. Among them, the decline in the number of suspected and confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus within 14 days, no serious patients with COVID-19 and established a program for testing people at risk. Also, the abolition of restrictions on the States would have to ensure that they have enough opportunities for testing and treatment of new cases COVID-19.

The proposed head of the White house plan for a return to normal life in the United States is divided into three phases.

In the first phase it is proposed to maintain strict measures of social distancing, especially vulnerable to the virus population. In public places you need to be from each other at the greatest possible distance, do not come to companies of more than ten people, and to refrain from trips that are not necessary. At this stage, the educational institutions will remain closed. Also maintained a ban on visits to the elderly.

In the second phase included the opening of educational institutions, to gather you in groups up to 50 people, allowed an optional trip. The remaining steps will remain the same. The elderly at this stage it will be possible to visit by special permission.

The third stage involves lifting the restrictions for vulnerable groups of people subject to their compliance with social distancing. To resume work will be available to all companies.

Expert immunologist and a consultant to the White house Anthony Fauci, in turn, added that the plan provides for the fourth phase, but it primarily implies the existence of an effective vaccine against Covid-19. However, he noted that austerity measures imposed by the US administration have borne fruit, and expressed the hope that the country passes through stages that have been announced.

Speaking to reporters, trump mentioned the resumption of sporting events. The President explained that at first they will be carried out in an empty stadium, then to the stadiums will start up a limited number of viewers, and finally after the complete elimination of the threat of coronavirus stadiums again filled.

“Many of the first sporting events will be held exclusively for broadcast on television,” said trump.

Later, he told the President, on the podium will start to allow fans, but so that, for example, setting “has been separated between two empty places.”

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