The list of cars that fall under the taxation, will increase

The Ministry of economy until February 1, will prepare a list of cars that fall under the annual tax of 25 thousand UAH. Until mid-year Fiscal service will send the Ukrainians the bills.

Список авто, попадающих под налогообложение, увеличится

It is reported Today.

The Ministry of economy prepares a list of vehicles for which it will be necessary to pay 25 thousand UAH of a tax. It’s the vehicle tax on passenger cars, year which was not more than five years, and the average market price is more than 375 times the minimum wage. On January 1, 2020 is 1.7 million UAH.

In explaining Fiscal service:

“Originally the sign for attributing the vehicle to the object of taxation of transport tax is its presence on the List of cars subject to taxation. If the List does not have vehicle, such a vehicle is not subject to tax transport tax in 2019”.

If you do not pay tax will rise

If the payment system came, and the owner is not paid within 60 days, the tax amount will increase. If you pay in the first 90 days the penalty is 10% after 90 days – 20%. Moreover, car or other property can be confiscated and sold, and the proceeds to pick up the payment – the remaining returned to the owner of the car.

But it may happen that the car will be in the list, however, the tax will forget to send payment system. In this case, the owner of the car is discharged. But next year, the Fiscal service has the right to invoice at double the rate for two years. Also, the tax authorities may charge the unpaid amount within three years.