The look of the new 5 hryvnia and what currency we expect

The national Bank of Ukraine has finally released into use coin five hryvnia. But that’s not all the gifts on St. Nicholas Day, the service was upgraded, and a bill in fifty hryvnia.

Как выглядят новые 5 гривен и какие изменения валюты нас ожидают

Pictures of novelties published in the press-service of the Bank.

As mentioned earlier, the new coins are in denominations of five hryvnia will gradually replace the bill. But also recall that five hryvnia in the office will not stop. In the country decided to refuse bills of small denomination. Next in line will be ten hryvnia. They also gradually transferred to the monetary base, as it has happened with one and two hryvnia.

Similarly, it does not mean that all bills are at the moment eliminated and their refuse everywhere take. The transition process started in step by step mode, is not completely withdraw from circulation.

According to the report, the new coin was almost 2 millimeters larger in diameter compared to two hryvnia. And its weight was estimated at 5.2 grams.

But regarding the money in fifty hryvnia, there is no significant changes have occurred. Just a bit freshened up the design and changed the shades of purple. “Changes” are somewhat similar in comparison with a hundred hryvnia note.

In the future the Ukrainian turnover will only have thirteen values, instead of seventeen, it is twenty-five cents is also not fully withdrawn from use, as has happened with the coins – one, two and five cents. That is, in the end we will have only twelve values, six of which are coins (10 and 50 cents, 1, 2, 5 and 10 hryvnia) and six banknotes (20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 UAH). That’s the national Bank and will stop in the future of such changes is not expected.

It is also known that coin ten hryvnia will already be in circulation in the summer of the coming year. And updated two hundred hryvnia Ukrainians will be able to see from 25 February 2020.