The loss of the clubs of the English Premier League because of the pandemic coronavirus can exceed 1 billion pounds

Потери клубов Английской Премьер-Лиги из-за пандемии коронавируса могут превысить 1 млрд фунтов

In the English Premier League clubs are trying to convince players to go for lower wages.

The players the Premier League announced that clubs can lose 1,137 billion pounds because of the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, reports The Telegraph.

Clubs are trying to convince players to go to offer 30% lower wages or delay in its payment. However, as the newspaper notes, this proposal has met with strong opposition from the players ‘ Union and negotiations have stalled.

In turn, the submarine via a special presentation informed the players that the organization will lose about 762 million pounds due to the lack of TV broadcasts, if the season will not be finished.

Another 200 million pounds of APL estimated lost profits on match days (tickets sales and other related sales at the stadium).

In addition, 175 million clubs lose out on sponsorship contracts.

Also at the summit, the clubs told the representatives of the players that the salary of players is about half of all expenses of the club. If the players agree to a salary reduction or deferred, the clubs will receive about 570 million pounds, which will cover almost half of the total losses 1,137 billion pounds.