“The lot of the devil: the conquest of the sea”: “a reality show with a lot of humanity”

“The Devil's Lot: Conquest of the Sea


They are 16. They have left modern comfort to go back 100 years, to burn hard, to work in misery and to stick together, as hundreds of men, women have done and children, exiled in Gaspésie during the Great Depression, in search of a better life. 

But there are far too many of them and will have to be eliminated over the weeks .

In addition to winning $100,000, it is the quest for self-transcendence that motivates the participants of the historical reality show “The Devil's Lot: The Conquest of the Sea”. They also signed up for this new season knowing that they would have to drag the devil by the tail and brave the elements. “It's very moving to see that,” shared to the QMI Agency Louis Champagne, the colony inspector.

“We are in a world where people are looking to become stars, but the others, they really want to live the experience and “challenge”. Telling themselves that they are able to live like their grandparents and get by on almost nothing,” he added.

After almost six years of absence, the reality show Historia will resume its sittings next week. This time, the show is interested in “dry cod” fishing, which has established itself as an important economic engine in the Maritimes, in addition to making Quebec shine around the world, particularly in North America. South and Europe.

Divided into sub-groups, the candidates will, among other things, have to establish a fishing and fish processing business, as at the time with the means at hand. They will also have to use strategy to eliminate each other without harming themselves and without harming the rest of the colony.

Friction and departures

From the first episode, even before officially forming the colonies – that of the Rock and that of the Falaise – four brave men will be cut off. Spectators will also be able to witness the first frictions that have arisen within the groups. The cold, exhaustion and clash of personalities are involved, but these are “normal tensions”, believes the host.

“You don't sleep, people snore next to you, you freeze, you don't eat much and you work 14-15 hours a day; these are extreme conditions to sharpen patience. But what I like is that they talk about it. There is no clan that forms,” he continued, admitting that he would never have dared to sign up for such a show for these reasons.

“But this What emerges from that is a lot of solidarity, a lot of respect, right up to the last moment. […] There is a lot of humanity that comes out of it, ”said the actor.

Shot in one of the wildest corners of Gaspésie, near the Paspébiac fishing bench – one of the largest fishing establishments in Baie-des-Chaleurs – the show also features several secondary characters to support the animator and represent a little the history of the dried cod. In particular, there will be the market gardener, which will allow settlers to buy food and materials, but also to earn money or barter.

“It’s a great mandate for Historia. Even I, who am a Gaspesian at heart, did not know that story. In our history books, we are told that the big trade we made was in furs, but it was also dried salt cod that kept for two years. That was Quebec's gold,” said Louis Champagne.

The filming took place over a month and took place on the private lands of a lady who agreed to receive the team and its constructions. She would have kept some buildings after the end of filming.

  • “The Devil's Lot: The Conquest of the Sea” is a Zone3 production. It will be simulcast on Historia and Séries Plus, Fridays at 8 p.m., starting November 11.