The love of pickles can lead to cardiac arrhythmia

There is a link between higher salt intake and risk of cardiac arrhythmia. Scientists say that an arrhythmia is one of the leading factors in the development of heart failure and heart attacks.

Любовь к соленьям может довести до сердечной аритмии

Love for pickles and the high level of salt consumed can be a trigger for the occurrence of cardiac arrhythmia – disturbances, which is manifested in unstable, abnormal rhythm of the heart muscle. Conclusion this was done by the researchers from the University of Oulu (Finland).

Scientists observed a group of 716 middle-aged women and men over the age of 19. The authors of the project were interested in whether there is a correlation between the dietary habits of people and their susceptibility to cardiac arrhythmia. 74 participants this issue first arose during the observation.

Scientific experts came to the conclusion that love of salty snacks, and processed foods that also contain a lot of salt, associated with increased risk of arrhythmia. And Vice versa: reduction of salt intake reduces the likelihood of problems with heart rhythm.

“Our results show that people with an increased risk of development of atrial fibrillation benefit from restricting salt intake,” stated the researchers.

According to them, more than three-quarters of salt consumed daily, people get from processed foods. They recommend to refrain from processed foods and prefer to eat cooked and salted food.