The main character of “Fortress” recalled the most difficult moments of filming

“Vikna-Novyny” on the STB continue to talk about the stars of the cult TV series “Fortress“. The next series of the special project dedicated to the performer of the title role of the costume drama – Kateryna Kovalchuk, who played kitty fortress.

Главная героиня «Крепостной» вспомнила о самых сложных моментах съёмок

The correspondent Artyom Sorokin actress told us why you were crying in between filming, about the relationship Ksenia Mishina and significance “of the Fortress” in her life.

“I read about Katerina – 18, smart, beautiful. And immediately realized that this is my role. I just always dreamed of a historical film, and the title role”-

said the actress.

It is on the role of Katya Verbitskaya, or kitty, was the largest and long casting. Director of the series Maxim Litvinov notes that auditioned about 300 girls. The main character was supposed to be the one that could fall in love with everything: simple blacksmith, and a knight on a white horse, and heartless young gentleman.

In the series a lot of beauty, love is inherent in the time of cruelty. When Katya Kovalchuk went to a casting and could not imagine how many terrible trials she made the creators of the “Fortress”.

Katya herself says:

“Between takes I generally hated people sometimes. All the time you hurt, you cry. One time was so tired that I just said, don’t come near me.”

Loved one for Katie was Ksenia Mishina, who played a brutal landowner Lydia Schaefer. Enemies on the script, as often happens, behind the scenes – friends. The friendship grew stronger with each shooting day, and the overall scene was getting tougher, remember actress.

“It was all so real and so terrible. They dug a grave, Katya really was buried, she was given some time to breathe… It was very scary. I stood and thought, “God, what is she there””-

recalled Ksenia Mishina.

“Yes, and said: “Bury bury””-

laughing, said Mrs. Kovalchuk.

Главная героиня «Крепостной» вспомнила о самых сложных моментах съёмок

Another dangerous stage for Katie was the scene on horseback. And even during the filming, the actress became a skilled rider, once the situation got out of control. The animal spontaneously ran gallop. But the actress failed to stop him. But, fortunately, everything ended successfully.

The TV series “Fortress” for Katya Kovalchuk – something secret:

“Oh, cry me a river. We lived for a year, it’s right whole life. A big mark in my heart and in my soul. I love this story.”