The main infectious diseases the U.S. expects that the vaccine COVID-19 will be ready in 2020

Chief expert on infectious diseases in the United States was assured that, anxious to get the vaccine as soon as possible, the developers do not compromise on safety, writes “Voice of America”.

Главный инфекционист США ожидает, что вакцина от COVID-19 будет готова еще в 2020 году

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The leading American infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested that the country will reach the goal and get a vaccine for the coronavirus before the end of the year.

While he was not embarrassed by the prospect that China may get the vaccine first.

“I have good expectations about the expected time frame,” said Fauci in an interview with Reuters, noting that safeguard them there.

His comments were preceded by published Tuesday promising preliminary data on the vaccine company Moderna, which is being developed by scientists of the National Institute of allergic and infectious diseases, Fauci, led by.

Many experts see a safe and effective vaccine is the only salvation from the virus, which has infected millions of people and killed more than 575 thousand people.

Fauci noted that the prospect of a vaccine company Moderna is that it provides protection, similar to that observed in natural infection.

“When you develop a vaccine you are hoping in particular that it will cause a reaction, comparable with natural infection because, theoretically, the best vaccine you can get, this natural infection,” he said. To understand this better, have a look at this vaccine process development.

Final stage clinical trial of a vaccine company Moderna starts on July 27.

President Donald trump and some of his Republican allies criticized Fauci that he warned against too hasty opening of the American economy.

Answering the question of how he copes with these attacks, Fauci told Reuters: “I try not to let it bother me.”

“Our work with vaccines, the development of therapeutic methods to clinical trials – that is important”, he added.

Fauci did not bother the prospect that China, which is also working on a vaccine crosses the finish line first. He said he hopes China’s success, but suggested that they will emerge victorious in the race for a vaccine, or at least not win by a large margin.

“I think that all are about on the same path, he said. If they reach the end, then it is not much faster than we are. Sure enough.”

He expressed the hope that, in the end, several candidate vaccines will be successful.

“I’m not worried that someone will get there first,” he said.

Fauci noted that even if the vaccine will actually cause an immune response, it is unclear how long should this protection.

“There are questions to which there are no answers, because it’s only been six months since the beginning of the epidemic,” he said.

According to him, can take a year to clear up the question about the immune response.

A recent Reuters poll showed that a quarter of Americans doubt the wisdom of vaccination, fearing that a record pace of vaccine development, possibly achieved at the expense of her safety.

Fauci said he knows about these fears.

“I can understand them, but they are unjustified, he said. – We do not compromise on safety, not compromise scientific validity”.




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