The main myths about self-treatment of colds

It turns out that many common methods of people’s treatment of colds not only useless, but also can harm the body.

Названы главные мифы о самолечении простуды

With the onset of the cold season the number of colds is steadily growing.

At the first sign of the disease, many are beginning to engage in self-treatment on the basis of folk remedies and “grandma” advice. And even though the doctors repeatedly warned about the dangers of self-medication, it is rarely one stops. However, such treatments are often not only useless, but also can harm and worsen the patient’s condition, experts warn.

Myth 1. Vitamin C as a panacea for colds

The most popular folk “antiprotein” — vitamin C – does not affect the recovery.

— There is no scientific evidence that vitamin C supplementation will help rather to “chase” the common cold, says the therapist Galina Ignatenko. – No tablet form (a favorite of the people askorbinka), no citrus no impact on the course of the disease.

Of course, to eat delicious fruit, which contains cherished the vitamin, doctors are not prohibited. But it is not to abuse, because citrus is a strong allergen. Doctors admit that they often have in parallel with the flu and then treat the patients and even hives.

Myth 2. Spirits will chase the viruses

This method has gained national love, especially in the stronger sex. Not always the wife will be allowed to overturn a glass-another, but for medicinal purposes is another matter! But it turns out that healing is not healing shkalik he harm more than good.

— No treatment effect alcohol does not, says family-doctor Ilya Melnichenko. On the contrary, the already weakened body is dehydrated after drinking. This leads to a deceleration of the reactions, the body can no longer resist viruses.

Besides, often, patients are taking any medicines, and alcohol certainly are incompatible. It turns out that the liver receives extra load and begins to “fail” at the most inopportune moment, opening the way for new infections.

Myth 3. Certainly need to be treated with antibiotics

One of the most dangerous errors, because the antibiotics are very strong medicines. They do an excellent job with viruses, but also “hurt” many of the internal organs. And their misuse, and even uncontrolled, can lead to disastrous consequences.

— Antibiotics are prescribed for diseases that are caused by pathogenic bacteria, and as respiratory pathogens are viruses, says family-doctor Ilya Melnichenko. – Treatment with these drugs should be prescribed only by a doctor after the tests, first you need to figure out the kind of virus, severity of symptoms and individual characteristics of the patient.

At the same time, a good doctor will prescribe antibiotics in addition to the additional drugs to help the liver, gastrointestinal tract and immune system to cope with the reception of potent drugs.

Myth 4. Inhalation of hot potatoes will save from the cold

All remember from childhood, this sacred ritual – first boil the potatoes. Then get a blanket or towel, under which I put a pot of parushim the root and driven to the unfortunate patient for 15 minutes. Because the means of grandma’s, proven for centuries, will help instantly. Although whether the effect is so so miraculous, you can’t remember it.

— Steam inhalation often do more harm than good, — considers Ilya Melnichenko. – A runny nose is easy to cure vasoconstrictor drugs. But its complications, for example, in the form of sinusitis can “flourish”. During inhalation of hot steam expands blood vessels, and this, in turn, increases the swelling of the mucosa and violates the outflow of fluid from maxillary sinus.

Besides, in the process of potato inhalation difficult mode, which can lead to damage of the vocal cords. Especially risky to apply this technique to small children can turn on the pot and its scalding contents.

Myth 5. From a sore throat is milk with butter

Another life hack from childhood, a nationwide “feed”, designed to get rid of sore throat – hot milk with butter. However, to explain how this delightful mixture can stop the discomfort, no one could. “There are all sorts of nutrients, which removed the pain…” is so vague my grandmother once explained how it works, this miracle cure.

— Milk can help to cure a sore throat, when the throat is just sore and needs constant moisture, agrees Melnichenko. But in this case, there is no fundamental difference – it will be milk, tea, juice. But to add to the drink and more oil is somehow too. Additional no benefit from it, but the taste quality few people will be thrilled.

By the way, if it’s not about the strep and the sore throat, the acceptance of such medicinal decoction will not give absolutely no effect. We can assume that it’s just an extra meal, nothing more.

Myth 6. A sore throat can cure rinse with a solution of salt, soda and iodine

A magical cocktail of three elements – salt, soda and iodine for decades in the people believe is much more effective than pharmaceutical solutions. Like, it’s only a transfer of money but a solid chemistry, but the old-fashioned way will be much safer. It turns out that this is not entirely true.

— Undoubtedly, the salt and soda – a good antiseptic, agrees Galina Ignatenko. – Although they are much weaker than modern drugs, and certainly not as pleasant to the taste, but to cope with the bacteria on the mucosa is quite capable. But iodine must be careful, the alcohol solution may cause irritation of the mucous membrane and aggravate the situation. And thyroid iodine in large quantities can affect not the best way.

But with a simple soda-salt solution should be used with caution – if it’s highly concentrated, can damage the mucosa.

Myth 7. The rubbing alcohol will reduce the temperature

At elevated temperatures a grinding rubbing alcohol – this should increase the heat transfer body. This statement is only partly true.

— If the temperature only began to rise, such a method can be useful, – said the therapist Galina Ignatenko. – It starts with the centralization of blood flow, skin blood vessels are narrowed, there is a decrease in temperature. But if she has already risen to high levels, then this method will be ineffective because the rubbing of the outer skin can always affect the generation of heat inside a person. On the other hand, it can cause sudden and significant loss of heat, the temperature can fall to a critical mark.

But for children, rubbing alcohol is absolutely contraindicated through the skin it is absorbed into the blood, can occur alcohol intoxication. Doctors recommend to use in this case, a wet towel or sheet.

The myth additional. The patient should not swim

It is believed that bathing could aggravate the situation. They say, steaming out of the bath. And here skvoznyachok and – Aha! Here only doctors do not agree with the complete rejection of hygienic procedures.

— Struggling with a cold, all body systems are working at “maximum capacity,” says Ilya Melnichenko. – Kidney and excretory system to actively remove excess fluid and toxins as a natural way, and through the pores. Therefore, the skin is the real “terrarium” bacteria, which need to periodically wash off.

The only thing doctors recommend to keep in the room did not have drafts, so after a shower, do not worsen your condition.