The main negative effects of snoring

Loud snoring makes the skull more subtle and can even lead to death. Such a joyless conclusion the American researchers. American scientists have found that loud snoring is able to make a weaker man’s skull.

Названы главные негативные последствия храпа

According to yet unclear reasons, suffering from sleep apnea men have 1.23 mm thinner skull than those who are not faced with snoring. According to the researchers, the erosion of the bones of the skull at the level of 1 mm is already sufficient for the development of life-threatening flow of cerebrospinal fluid liquorrhea or that arise in the moment when this is the fluid that protects the brain and spine, flows through the thinned wall.

Data leaks cause similar to dementia symptoms, as well as coma, stroke, and even death. Magicforum recalls that sleep apnea occurs in a moment of relaxation of the walls of the larynx and narrowing of the air passages. This leads to respiratory disorders. Passing through the narrow air passage of the air causes vibration of the larynx, which is the cause of snoring.

About 8 million Russians suffer from this disorder. And now researchers from Indiana University found that obstructive sleep apnea may mechanically lead to the development of disorders associated with decreased density of the skull.

Traditionally liquorrhea associated with obesity, female hormones and middle age. Obesity also leads to the occurrence of sleep apnea in many cases. In the future researchers will need to establish what kind of mechanism binds one disorder with another is more dangerous.