The main symptoms of hypertensive crisis

The sudden increase in pressure to very high levels — 180/110 mm Hg. the article above — is called a hypertensive crisis. The condition is quite severe and requires emergency care to the victim.

Основные симптомы гипертонического криза

Extremely dangerous developing on the background of hypertensive crisis acute heart condition and stroke. The crisis may precipitate pulmonary edema, aneurysm, etc.

Most often hypertensive crises arise on a background of hypertension, but sometimes to a sharp increase in pressure cause disturbances in the thyroid gland, kidneys, the intake of drugs, stress.

The symptoms of hypertensive crisis include:

— severe headache;

— the emergence of feelings of fear and anxiety;

— redness of the skin;

— nausea with vomiting;

— pain in the chest;

— shortness of breath;

— excitation;


At suspicion on a hypertensive crisis, immediately you need to call an ambulance. To unbutton constraining clothes breath. If you have hypertension is to take the drug from the pressure prescribed by the doctor previously. A person need to ensure peace, and to the feet to put the hot water bottle.

Emergency doctors need to tell you about all the medications you were taking before and during the crisis.

To prevent hypertensive crises, doctors suggest a healthy lifestyle to reduce the consumption of salty foods, to a regime of sleep and avoid stressful situations.