The Mammoth 2022 evening: Félix-Antoine Tremblay still challenged by young people

The Mammoth 2022 evening: Félix-Antoine Tremblay still challenged by young people< /p> UPDATE DAY

Last year, Félix-Antoine Tremblay won a Mammoth award for helping to promote body diversity. This year, he is preparing to return to the stage of the popular Télé-Québec gala for young people, as he is one of the 10 hosts of La soiree Mammouth 2022 which will be presented on December 9.

“I want to find a little bit of the teenager in me […] to reconnect with my inner teenager”, says the one who can be seen in the funny video of almost 5 minutes announcing his animation partners, including Roxane Bruneau, Mathieu Dufour, Alicia Moffet and Tom-Éliot Girard.

Useful and necessary

Ready to unleash your crazy for this inspiring event, the one who became one of the darlings of teenagers playing Francis in Le chaletwants first and foremost to promote those who make a difference to young people.

“Since the first edition of Mammoth, I have felt very challenged by this movement. With Le chalet, I had the chance to be very close to young people and their issues, and for me, it's a way of staying in touch with them, of knowing what thrills them, scares them, disturbs them, the society they would like to see in the future… »

The small screen which, it is often said, no longer reaches 13 to 17 year olds as much, can therefore still succeed in speaking to them.

“As soon as we give young people a voice, we listen to them and take an interest in them, we are able to do something that resembles them and appeals to them. This is the strength of Mammoth. »

Giant steps

For 10 years, Quebec youth has been synonymous with “tremendous change”, says Félix-Antoine Tremblay. In what ways?

“In openness, discussion, the ability to name things, to ask questions about important social issues. In TV like Mammoth, in fictional TV, there have been movements that have resulted in raising issues or social issues among young people that are very important, which are at the heart of their priorities. »

It is on Friday, December 9 from 8 p.m. that we will know the winners of The Mammoth Evening 2022, at Télé-Québec.