The man from Miami got financial assistance to businesses in connection with the coronavirus and bought a Lamborghini

A man from Florida has received about $4 million under the program of US government assistance in connection with the coronavirus and used some of the money to buy a brand new Lamborghini and other luxury items. This writes the New York Post.

Мужчина из Майами получил финпомощь бизнесу в связи с коронавирусом и купил Lamborghini

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David Hines was charged with fraud, false statements to a financial institution and engaging in any transactions with illegal proceeds.

29-year-old Haynes from Miami originally tried to get $13.5 million for the program payments on behalf of various companies, saying that he needed money to pay salaries to employees.

It turns out that “these alleged employees did not exist,” — said in the indictment.

In the end, the Bank approved three loans totaling $3.9 million.

Within a few days after receiving the cash, Hines bought the Lamborghini Huracán 2020 worth more than $318 000.

In the complaint it is alleged that he also spent thousands of dollars on Dating sites, jewelry and clothing, and stayed in luxury hotels Miami beach.

Federal investigators have linked sports car with Hines after he was involved in an accident on July 11.

The Miami police confiscated the car, which Federal prosecutors now plan to withdraw.

When the Bank froze the accounts of companies Hines on June 24, there was a balance in the amount of $3 463 162, but the loans were not redemptions.

Hines was arrested on Friday, July 24. The chief justice of the US John O Sullivan released him on bail of $100,000.

He is allowed to remain in his mother’s home with a GPS monitor. The pronouncement of the court decision scheduled for 14 October.



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