The man hacked the computer system of the airline and got free tickets to $20 thousand

The man, whose name was not disclosed, accused that he hacked the computer system at Brussels Airlines, and booked three free flights in business class from Europe to new York, reports the Independent.

Мужчина взломал компьютерную систему авиакомпании и получил бесплатные билеты на $20 тысяч

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In 2016, the 25-year-old man allegedly hacked the ticketing system Brussels Airlines using a special application intended for the purchase of tickets by employees of the airline.

After booking he cancelled the tickets to get their money back, but by manipulating the URL, the order is thus upheld.

Tickets business class was estimated at almost €6 000 ($6 772) each, bringing the airline lost around €18 000 ($20 315).

The carrier filed a civil action against the violator, and requires a €20 000 to cover the cost of tickets and the additional cost of protection against hacker attacks on the website.

A representative of Brussels Airlines said, “We want to return the value of the three business tickets in new York, plus some airport charges for the cancelled tickets and €1000 in additional fees that we paid for the security systems.”

However, the lawyer of this person argues that Respondent should not pay the extra €1000, as it helped the airline by showing her a weakness of the previous version of their computer system. The trial is scheduled for March 30.

This is not the first case when a traveler is trying to fraudulently obtain benefits.

In November 2019 the man was caught trying to impersonate a pilot at Delhi airport in India. Rajan Mahbubani tried to catch the AirAsia flight, pretending to be a pilot for Lufthansa to receive benefits. But he was arrested before he was able to get on Board I5-579 in Calcutta.

In Lufthansa uniform with a fake ID card, which he received in Bangkok, Mahbubani said that over the past six months, he has successfully made the journey between Delhi and Kolkata, more than 15 times using the same trick.

While he always had a valid plane tickets, Mahbubani used the trick to get faster access into the cabin and stand in the queue with other passengers.


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