The man parked in the living room for two cars to save them from a hurricane

Мужчина припарковал в гостиной две машины, чтобы спасти их от урагана

The house comfortably accommodated the BMW M3 and Volkswagen Golf GTI.

A resident of the U.S. state of Florida hid in his living room two cars: my BMW M3 E30 body the Volkswagen Golf GTI my friend to save them from the storm “Dorian”.

From late August to the Bahamas and some U.S. States, including Florida and, raging storm “Dorian”. He was awarded the fifth, the maximum degree of danger, the authorities ordered the closure of the airports and to evacuate people who are in the disaster area.

In the first week of September, the hurricane began to wane — and the experts awarded him the second category of danger, and the wind speed decreased from 257 kilometers per hour to 175.

A resident of Florida decided on their own to rescue his beloved BMW M3 1988 model year, and parked it right in the living room. And since there still remains some free space, he decided to share the shelter with the Volkswagen Golf GTI in 1984, which belongs to his friend. If the garage and garage doors are all damaged and if you are looking for expert garage door repair click here, as not everyone can save their favorite cars in their living room!

For car enthusiast this is not the first similar case two years ago, he harbored M3 in the living room, when residents of the state suffered from hurricane “Matthew.” It turned out that the front door of his home by happy coincidence, just a few centimeters wider than the car, so with proper care he was able to drive inside.

The use of apartments and garages as a shelter for cars — not uncommon for us States. If you want to know – Are my Garage Door Springs Dangerous? You can click on the link and find out about the most suitable garage doors for your cars. Because of the hurricane “Dorian”, for example, in early September, the DeLorean dealer from Florida had to cram into the garage a few dozen cars. The place was too small, so cars had to be parked in two layers, using the lifts, and as close to each other.