The man spent $37000 to appeal the fine to $120 and lost

In 2016, the Briton Richard Kidwell was fined 100 pounds ($120) for speeding. The man decided to appeal the fine, spent three years and more than 30,000 pounds. But still lost.

Мужчина потратил $37000, чтобы обжаловать штраф на $120 и проиграл

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Now Kidwell is 71. He complains that the trial pulled out all the money he was saving to leave them a legacy of children, BBC reports.

The man still thought that I wasn’t speeding, and the penalty he was issued a mistake.

According to him, about 21,000 pounds($25 913) went to pay for the services of lawyers, and others in various judicial and transportation costs.

Kidwell, in particular, attracted to the process expert, who tried to convince the court that the surveillance camera which recorded the violation of traffic rules could incorrectly trigger on another car, which was moving in the adjacent lane.

However, the judges of this argument is found unconvincing.

Mr. Kidwell had hoped that the trial will be completed “fairly quickly” and did not think that the matter might drag on so long.

At the same time, the prosecutors say that this is due to the fact that the case was considered by courts of various instances. In addition, it was necessary to conduct additional examinations and hearings over the issue, which was raised by the defense, and delayed the trial.

“I’m tired of this system that transcends ordinary people,” says Kidwell.

“I regret the lost money. I just wanted justice.”