The man spent more than two months in a barrel on top and is not going to come down to earth

A resident of South Africa Vernon Kruger got in 500-liter wine barrel mounted on a pole height of 24 meters. He sits in it for more than two months and peeling has no plans. For Kruger it is a test of spirit. In 1997, he broke the record for sitting in a barrel on a pole, after 67 days. The previous record was 54 days, according to “Medusa”.

Мужчина провел больше двух месяцев в бочке на высоте и не собирается спускаться на землю

Photo: Facebook screenshot/Up The Pole In Dullstroom

21 January 2020 Krueger updated his record. It would seem that the job is done and you can get off, especially at home waiting for wife and children (which at this time why-that did not support his plans for the barrels!). But the man set his sights on more — he wants to spend on a pole at least 80 days.

According to Kruger, sitting in a barrel isn’t so bad. First, he has a mobile phone and hence the connectivity with the world. Visitors in the barrel not allowed, but he can wave and something to shout to passers-by. Secondly, according to Kruger, his body has adapted to existence in a barrel: he sleeps at night and in the morning, doing gymnastics. Thirdly, Krueger is well fed: the food he put straight from the restaurants. Put it in a bucket and raise to him on the rope. In the toilet, he goes about the same — in a bucket, which then descends down “specially trained people”.

Kruger was joking (maybe not joking) that he had a good reason for a few months to settle in barrel. But he had forgotten what. When the time comes to return to earth, it will be picked up from barrels on the helicopter, he climbed into it all the same way.